Peperomia Incana in White


Peperomia Incana has heart-shaped leaves with fine hairs that feel like felt.  It is also known as the Felted Pepperface plant.

The lovely blue-green foliage enjoys 1-2 hours of dappled sunlight per day, or very bright indirect light.

Water when the top of the soil has dried out slightly and feed with diluted liquid fertiliser every couple of month during growing season. If you have time, the furry leaves enjoy a water mist occasionally. Pinch out new growth if you want to keep the plant bushy.

We’ve paired this cute plant with our stoneware Zurich planters. This minimalist plant pot features straight sides and a tapered base that sits neatly into a deep matching saucer.  External:  16cm diameter x 14.5cm tall.

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