Philodendron Brasil

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Philodendron Brasil has incredible glossy green and yellow foliage shaped like a heart.

Every home needs a Brasil, so why not have your very own draping green curtain produced by nature, and sit back and watch her grow.

Plant comes in a white plastic hanging basket.

Pot dimension: 20cm

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We brought the Philodendron Brasil to the Plant and Pot NZ collection, so go ahead and spoil yourself with this beauty.

Philodendron Basil are native to the tropical areas of Central and South Americas, they are also known as the Sweetheart Plant, or Heart-Leaf, due to the unique shape. This ‘Brasil’ variety has gorgeous yellow and dark green leaves with astonishing patterns to inspire any artist or décor lover.

The sweetheart Plant is a vining plant and can grow to incredible lengths. Therefore, its recommended that they are supported by a  trestle or sitting in hanging basket. They make sensational living room green curtains, or you can place them in a pot, letting the vine wrap around whatever pleases your eyes.

When they mature, they can produce white and green flowers spathes. They look fantastic in any environment to show off their beautiful colours and shapes and they don’t need a great deal of attention. They are known for being a easy house plant, so if you do not have delicate hands, there is no need to worry if you own a Philodendron Basil.

Plant care:

The Philodendron Brasil can survive in a range of light conditions. For bringing out more vegetative leaves, then bright indirect light will encourage this.

A well-drained and slight acidic is ideal, however, they will survive in regular potting mix.

Do not over water as they are very sensitive to soggy soil. So, allow the soil to dry out before each watering.

As they are from the tropics of Brasil, warm and high humidity is best for philodendron Brasil. Never leave them outside in the cold as they will wither and die.

Philodendron Brasil benefit from a balanced fertilizer schedule as this will encourage more growth. Apply the fertilizer once a month.

They are a extremely fast growing plant and may require the occasional pruning with some garden snippers. Make sure you sterilise before you start pruning.


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