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BotaniCare Calendar: To guide you through year-round greenery

  • Step 1: Fill out the form below with the total number of plants, the type, and the pot sizes you have
  • Step2: We will produce a tailored care routine, expertly designed by trained horticulturists
  • Step 3: Get an elegant hard copy of your plan and a convenient digital one for on-the-go access
  • Quick Turnaround: Your personalized calendar is ready within 48 hours
  • Ideal for all Skill Levels: Ideal for novice and gardener experts

BotaniCare Bundle Includes:

  • Moisture meter
  • 3 months of nutrient supply
  • Pesticide spray 5ml
  • Personlized BotaniCare calender

Order Now: Start optimizing your plant care efforts with our complete solution!

Addional add ons:

  • Plant cleaning glove
  • Small pruners


Our New BotaniCare Plant Calendar: Unleash the capabilities of your indoor garden

Revolutionize the way you take care of plants with our Personalised BotaniCare Plant Calendar. This is the dual format tool for the survival of the plants.

Great for experienced plant owner or a newbie. This calendar will provide you with guidance by making sure your indoor garden is full of life.

Plant Care Schedule: Why You Need One

It’s easy to forget or overdo things when one is knee-deep in all the daily bustles. Set a routine in your plant care; it is essential so that the plant can also acclimate in your home setting and get just the right amount of water, light, and nourishment.

Neglecting to take good care regularly may stress the plant into turning yellow leaves, stunting growth, or, worse, death. This stress lowers the natural hardiness of the plant and its vulnerability to pests increases. Most insects favor weakened hosts for their breeding grounds. A well-maintained schedule helps prevent these issues and promotes healthy, vibrant growth.

What You Get:

At the point of sale, share with us the details of your plant collections. We will give you a graduated care schedule tailor-made to your garden’s needs.

Convenient dual-format: For your home or office, you get a printed stylish hardcopy. Receive a digital version to your email within 48 hours. Access your plant care wherever you are.

Year-Round Help: Using our calendar, you will receive full instructions on watering, pruning, pest managment and fertilizing.

Expertly designed: Our trained horticulture experts will design your personlized calender. To take care of your plants in the best way.

Digital interactive copy: Includes clickable links to detailed care guides and video tutorials. Making it easy to deepen your knowledge on the subject and upgrade your plant nurturing skills.

Eco-friendly packaging: We print our calendars only on recycled paper to minimize the environmental impact.

Why Our Calendar?

The Personalized BotaniCare Calendar takes the guesswork out. Plant labels that come with most plants can be conflicting and vague. Our plans eradicates this guesswork. And gives you an accurate guide. For your plants needs to grow and stay more beautiful and vibrant throughout the year.

To top it off, you get a free moisture meter gadget. 3 months’ worth of fertilizer, and pesticide spray for your plants with every purchase. Get yours now to revolutionize how you care for your plants with the Personalized BotaniCare Plant Calendar—a guide that grows with you and your plants!

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