Plant Care


Protects and beautifies your plant naturally and safely without the worry of bad solvent smells.

One spray is all you need, to keep your leaves shiny for weeks.

One spray could cover an abundance of plants.

Don’t delay, give your plant a spray!!



Plant Care works wonders on any plant!!

At Plant and Pot NZ we have developed our very own Leaf Shield and Shine that protect foliage from pests and mites.

Unlike most leaf shines, our product contains 100% natural ingredients with full transparency of each ingredient!!

No aerosol, so no need to worry about gassing you or your family members out.

Non-toxic and not considered dangerous, what-so-ever.

We have concocted each ingredient carefully, and personally tried and tested our Leaf shine on each plant we foster at Plant and Pot NZ.


Neem Granules: The renowned insecticide for killing and controlling a plethora of insect species.

(Due to the horrendous smell of Neem oil, we added dried Lavender and Camomile)

Lavender: For a pleasant smell, but also acts as an insect and bug repellant.

Rosemary: Has insecticidal properties that is great  for repelling spider mites and other commercial insecticides.

MCT oil: MCT oil is what provides your plant a beautiful shine and keeps pests and infections like mildew away. It is also rich in microbial and antifungal properties, it also helps prevent fungal diseases and issues in plants.

Camomile: We have used this for an emollient and calming effect for you and your plant. Therefore, if you happen to come in contact with this product on your skin, there may be less irritation, making this product pet and skin-friendly.

Directions for use

Shake vigorously before each use.

Best apply just before nightfall.

Clean leaves first with a dry cloth and apply sparingly to either a cloth or directly on the upper side of the foliage.

Avoid over-application. Avoid spraying under hot conditions. Do not apply when exposed to full sunlight.

Apply once, then wipe down leaves when they become dusty or dull. Reapply as needed.

Less is more with this product as it goes a long way.


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