Plant Diagnosis Service


No More Guesswork with Your Plants – Expert Horticultural Help is Here!

Yellow? Droopy? Brown or Dying Leaves? Seeing your beloved plants struggle of decay can be disheartening.

Are you tired of conflicting advice from online forums, friends, and endless Google searches? Say goodbye to the uncertainty and hello to professional, knowledgeable assistance with our plant diagnosis service.

Real Experts, Real Solutions: We’re not just another app or anonymous online advice. Our team consists of real human beings with genuine expertise in horticulture. They are trained to diagnose plant problems and provide comprehensive solutions.

Tailored Solutions for Common Plant Issues:

  1. Identify the Cause: We’ll help you figure out why your plant is showing these symptoms – be it overwatering, undernourishment, pest issues, or something else.
  2. Actionable Advice: Get specific, actionable steps that you can take to nurse your plant back to health.
  3. Preventive Measures: Learn how to prevent these issues from recurring, ensuring your plants stay healthy and vibrant.

How It Works:

  1. Fill Out Our Detailed Questionnaire: Provide us with the essential details about your plant’s condition.
  2. Send Photos: Upload as many photos as required to give us a clear view of your plant’s issue.
  3. Receive Step-by-Step Guidance: Our horticulture specialists will analyze the information and photos to offer tailored, step-by-step instructions to address your plant’s specific problem.

Trust us to provide you with the precise, effective advice you need to keep your plants thriving. No more confusion, just clear and expert guidance tailored to your plant’s unique needs


Honest and Practical Plant Care Advice

At Plant and Pot NZ we pride ourselves on giving honest, realistic advice. We understand that every plant has its own value and sentimental importance. However, we also believe in practicality. If a plant is beyond saving, or if the cost and effort of revival far outweigh its value, we’ll tell you straight up. Our goal is to offer solutions that are both effective and sensible.

Balanced Approach:

  1. Expert Diagnosis: Our horticulture specialists will thoroughly assess your plant’s condition.
  2. Transparent Advice: We provide clear recommendations – if a plant can be saved, we’ll guide you on how to do it. If not, we’ll be honest about it.
  3. Sustainable Plant Care: We advocate for practices that are not just about saving a plant but also about ensuring its long-term health and sustainability.

We’re here to support your journey in plant care with integrity and expertise. Trust us to give you the best advice for your green companions, whether it’s a path to recovery or an honest assessment of their chances.


Disclaimer for Plant Diagnosis and Care Advice Service

Please note that while our team consists of highly trained horticulture experts, plant care and diagnosis can be complex, and outcomes can vary. Our advice should be taken as general guidance and not a definitive solution for all plant health issues.

  1. Limitation of Liability: We make every effort to provide accurate and helpful advice, but we cannot guarantee success in every case. Plant health is influenced by a variety of factors, some of which may be beyond our control.
  2. No Guarantee of Accuracy: While we strive for accuracy, we acknowledge the possibility of errors or misdiagnoses. Our service provides suggestions based on the information and images provided by you, which may not always convey the complete health status of your plant.
  3. Use Advice at Your Own Risk: Any action you take upon the advice given is strictly at your own risk. We are not liable for any harm, damage, or loss that may arise from following our recommendations.
  4. Variability in Plant Responses: Plants are living organisms with individual needs and responses. What works for one plant may not work for another, even of the same species, due to differences in environment, care history, and other factors.
  5. Consultation Purpose Only: Our service is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It does not replace the need for professional in-person diagnosis or treatment where required.
  6. Changes in Plant Condition: If your plant’s condition worsens or does not improve, we recommend seeking additional help, potentially from a local expert or nursery.
  7. Feedback and Queries: We welcome your feedback and queries regarding our advice. However, our ability to provide additional support or follow-up may be limited.

By using our service, you acknowledge and agree to these terms. We are committed to providing the best possible advice to help your plants thrive, but ultimate responsibility for plant care decisions rests with the plant owner.




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