Galangal Rhizome in White


Decorative Galangal Rhizome plant in 34cm cylinder pot. Exotic indoor tropical plant with a rich history, perfect for modern home décor. Aromatic, floral-citrus aroma with an intriguing backstory. The stylish choice for plant enthusiasts at 1.2m tall.

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Galangal Rhizome (Alpinia galangal) in a 34cm Decorative Cylinder Pot: The Showstopper Your Space Needs!

Step aside, everyday houseplants! 🌱 Here comes the Galangal Rhizome, swaggering into the spotlight in a sleek 34cm cylinder pot. Think you know ginger? Think again! Galangal is ginger’s mysterious, cooler cousin with a backstory that could give any bestseller a run for its money.

In a world of plain Jane plants, the Galangal was once the rockstar of the Middle Ages. Zipping from China and Indonesia to Europe, this root was THE spice to have. Just when everyone thought it was the next big thing in the West—poof!—it vanished like a magician’s trick. 🎩✨

Swipe away its sun-kissed, earthy skin to unveil an ivory heart, bursting with a floral-citrus aroma that’ll make you wonder, “Is that a perfume? A cocktail? Nope, that’s just the Galangal being its fabulous self!”

Ready for a décor upgrade that’s a dash of history, a sprinkle of mystery, and a whole lot of fun? Welcome the Galangal Rhizome in its chic 34cm cylinder pot to your space. Trust us, your other plants might just get a tad bit jealous! 😉

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