Ponytail Palm in Bordeaux Pot


For houseplant lovers looking for different texture to add to their plant family.

These Ponytail Palms love a bright position with direct sunlight for part of the day.  They are super easy to care for as their bulbous base (not photographed) stores water.  The leaves are tough and a little rough to the touch.

Despite the name, these plants are not actually palms.  Their scientific name is Beaucarnia Recurvata.

We’ve paired these slow growing houseplants with a lovely resin and stone composite pot in a dusty-wine colour. By Hubsch Interior.  Pot dimensions: 17cm diameter x 20cm tall.  These pots have no drainage hole.

*** These pots have been waxed, so keep this in mind if placing on a porous surface as some staining may occur ***

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