Prayer plant


The Prayer plant is one of the fascinating houseplant you can own. Witness with your own eyes, how they fold their leaves into the prayer position.

They get their name because of they way the leaves fold upwards at night,  just like praying hands. The techical name is ‘nyctinasty’ which a biological rhythmic event happening. This has to be the most intriguing and mysterious plant physiological behavior in nature.

Aka the ‘ten commandment plant’ does not grow very tall (around 12 inches) but can brauch out. It has the beautiful lemon and lime colours with darker patches around the foliage.

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Prayer plant

Prayer plant (maranta leuconeura) is named after an Italian physician, botanist and literary scholar, Bartolomeo Maranta (1500 – 24 March 1571).

When it gets dark in the evening, the most beautiful and phenomenal trait of the prayer plant manifest. The leaves of the plant raise themselves up resembling praying hands like the Calathea . It’s a wonderful sight, to just take a moment and watch this in awe.

Slow growing plant

The prayer plant (maranta leuconeura) is extremely slow growing, so you would not need to worry about this plant getting out of control.

This retro variety is a great houseplant and one of the most common houseplant due to its low maintenance and they do not require special care.

The leaves are green and have purple markings between the veins. Rabbit track plant, is a common name as the large green spots resembles animal tracks.

Care Tips

Their native habitat is the rainforest. If you can mimic that environment, they will love you for it.

Sunlight: They do tolerant of lower light areas. However, be mindful that if there isn’t enough light, their leaves will not entirely open during the day. Scorching the leaves can happen if they are left in direct sunlight, and this does cause blotching and cause the colour to dissipate. They do prefer bright indirect light.

Water: Water your prayer plants often and the soil should be kept moist. Never have the soil to soggy.

It is good practice to mist daily, as this can help assist with the correct humidity.

Temperature: Warm temperatures will make sure your Prayer plant is happy. Therefore, 20 – 25 degrees would be just the warmth they are yearning for. Too cold hot or too, is not good for the Prayer plant, this will stress them out and cause browning on the tips of the leaves.

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