Second: Cathedral Cacti in Riverstone


We’ve combined (seconds) Cathedral Cacti with a new Riverstone Crucible pot for this contemporary look.

This prickly plant is also known as Euphorbia Trigona Green or the African Milk Tree.  There are 6 young plants combined for this bushy look. It’s super easy to care for, liking a warm and bright spot with some direct sunlight. Water only when the soil has dried out.

The Riverstone stoneware pot is porous and has a drainage hole so is suited to outdoor use (balcony, patio, outdoor room, deck, etc). Pot dimensions: 46cm diameter x 62cm tall. Weight: 30kg approximately.

Some delivery restrictions may apply due to the weight of the pot.

The overall height of this combination is currently 105cm.

Please note, you must pot up (plant) this combination yourself. Soil not included.

*** These Cacti have been living outdoors during winter. The Cacti are heavily discount due to being weathered and scarred in some places.  6 x plants normally $156 (discounted to $32.40). New Riverstone pot $237.60. White plant and pot in the 4th photograph not included. ***

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