Second: Cathedral Cactus in White


An ex-photoshoot plant and pot combination that we are moving on to a new home.

This prickly plant is also known as Euphorbia Trigona Red or the African Milk Tree. It’s super easy to care for, liking a warm and bright spot with some direct sunlight. Water only when the soil has dried out.

The white ceramic pot is glazed with a satin finish. The pot has a drainage hole so can be used outdoors, or indoors with a saucer. Pot dimensions: 26cm diameter x 28cm tall.

The overall height of this combination is 93cm.

Some delivery restrictions may apply due to the height and prickly nature of this plant.

***  This red plant and white pot have been living outdoors for 12 months. The Cactus is weathered and scarred in some places. The pot is also weathered with some minor crackling appearing on the glazed finish. This height/grade of Cathedral Cactus is not normally available in retail garden centres. Grey pot and green plants in the main photo plant not included. ***

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