Madagascar Jasmine


Soften your tropical courtyard or balcony with this sweet smelling vine.

Madagascar Jasmine or Stephanotis Floribunda is a fast growing twining vine with beautiful white flowers and leathery green leaves. This plant is also known as the Hawaiian Wedding Flower.

Can grow to 6 metres or more.  Our staked vines are currently around 1.5m in height including the nursery pot.  Vines are best attached to a fine trellis or lattice.

Suited to a sunny and warm summer position with high humidity and moist well draining soil.  In winter, a sunny but dryer environment is preferred. Flowers appear in summer on new growth, so try to reposition new vines rather than pruning.  This plant quite likes being a bit root bound.

Supplied in a 3.3L black plastic nursery pot with drainage holes.   Plants are not currently in flower.

*** Price is for per plant. Discounted as these vines are taking over our studio!  ***

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