Stromanthe Triostar with Pillar Planter




Care instructions:

With this tropical plant finding the right light balance is essential as they can be a difficult plant for beginners. Therefore, being vigilant to their needs is imperative.

Low level indirect indirect light is good and warm conditions are what they love. Keeping the soil moist is important as they rely on moisture.

Pruning is essential to rid the bad and dying leaves as they become brown and crisp that looks unflattering to the eye.

The ideal location for your is a place next to a window, but not one that receives strong afternoon sun. Try to avoid drafty and chilly windowsills, because being a tropical plant she wont be happy with the cold.

You can take cutting from them and place in a vase to imitate flowers.

We have paired the Stromanthe Triostar with the white pillar planter that would look immaculate in any office or home.

There are two different sizes to choose from:

Option 1)Triostar medium (plant on the right in the photograph) size is 17cm pot and pillar planter 65cm tall.

Option 2)Triostar large (plant on the left in the photograph) size is 23cm pot and pillar planter 85cm tall.

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