Syngonium Albo


Introducing the Albo Syngonium: Your Exquisite Green Companion from Plant and Pots NZ

Elevate your living space with the timeless elegance and exotic charm of the Albo Syngonium, exclusively curated by Plant and Pots NZ. With its graceful arrow-head leaves variegated in lush greens and crisp whites, this breathtaking plant is not just a houseplant but a statement piece.

Vivid and Vibrant, Sophisticated and Sassy: A Special Treatment

With us, you get something truly special. We’ve lovingly paired the Albo Syngoniums together with our sophisticated 20cm white face Pillar cover pot, transforming them into an object of art.

The lush green hues dance with life, promising to breathe vitality into any room, while the bold white variegation adds a touch of classic elegance.

This plant is the epitome of sexy, sassy, and saucy, beckoning to be admired.

Invest in a Living Piece of Art

The Albo Syngonium is not merely a plant; it’s a living sculpture, a conversation starter, and a testament to your refined taste. Only at Plant and Pots NZ do you receive this special treatment, where two are paired together for an even grander display of splendor and sophistication.

Indulge yourself or gift it to someone special, for the Albo Syngonium isn’t just a plant; it’s an experience. Order now and make it yours! Experience the elegance and unique touch we provide only at Plant and Pots NZ.


Caring for Your Elegant Companion

  • Light Levels: Bask your Albo Syngonium in moderate to bright but indirect sunlight. A sheltered spot will protect it from leaf burn and maintain the vibrant variegation.
  • Watering: Nurture your Albo through winter by allowing the soil to almost dry between watering. Indulge it with a touch of moisture in Spring/Summer.
  • Temperature: Create a tropical paradise with a warm and humid environment that this Syngonium thrives in.
  • Feeding: Pamper your plant with balanced plant food once a month in its growing season.
  • Growth: Let it grow wild with a stake for support, or gracefully trail over the side of the pot.
  • Toxicity: Though glamorous, remember to keep this beauty away from children and pets as it can be harmful if ingested.

Additional information

Plant Only | or Plant & Pot

Plant and large white pot, 1 plant in 12cm black nursery pot


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