Syngonium in Pot


Pinky the Syngonium Red Heart is an easy to care for plant with pink and green leaves that are shaped like arrowheads. New leaves are glossy and look a little crumpled until they unfurl, giving this indoor plant extra texture and character.

Likes to be kept moist in a location with moderate to bright light (but not direct sunlight).

We have 3 plant and pot options as seen in the pictures;

  1. Plant and round white pot
  2. Plant and white ceramic pot
  3. Plant and Sandstorm cermic pot

Please put your pererred pot option in the notes when you make your order.

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Pinky the Syngonium Pink: A Burst of Pink and Green in Your Indoor Oasis


Unique Leaf Design: This is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world of indoor potted plants that you could ever place in any space. Each leaf of the plant looks like it has been painted from a palette of pink and green, vividly adding color and life to any setting.

Dynamic Texture: From glossy and slightly crumpled, the new fresh leaves unroll little by little until they fully flare. This dynamic texture can then give the Pink Syngonium a character that will forever be changing, and it shall remain an intriguing specimen for your plant collection.

Easy Care: Caring for the Syngonium Red Heart is easy. In fact, it is just the perfect plant for both beginners and even ardent lovers of plants. It is pretty tough, hence adaptive to a busy kind of life.

Light Requirements: Thrives in medium to bright light but needs to be kept out of direct sunlight. This will be balanced to make sure the leaves are kept bright without getting scorched.

Moisture: They like moistness maintained uniformly. If there is a need for watering, then it is to keep the soil equally moist. This encourages luxuriant growth, almost doubling for what one normally expects from a Syngonium in its natural habitat.

Decor Options: Customize your Syngonium Pink with our three exclusive pot choices:

The Classic Round White Pot: A sleek, minimalist design that complements the plant’s vibrant colors.

The Elegant White Ceramic Pot: Adds a touch of sophistication, perfect for modern decor.

The Sandstorm Ceramic Pot: A more natural, earthy look that will make a seamless blend with any room aesthetic.

Ordering Customization: Name your pot option in the notes section at checkout for easy selection of your desired pot.

Perfect Gift or Personal Treasure: Make yoursybbr home feel brighter with the Syngonium Pink, which can either be a great gift or a perfect home accessory for your place.

Advantages: The role of this plant is not added for beautification purposes only, but it actually holds a very important role in improving the quality of an indoor environment, since it has the ability to purify indoor air.