Tall Rubber Tree in Bianca Pot


Hurry, these won’t last long!

These handsome Rubber Trees have dark green glossy leaves and are great at removing toxins from the air.  They loves a warm position with bright light, but are OK in moderate light.  Water once a week.

These trees have been triple planted to create a bushy effect, including one tall plant around 1 metre tall (see note below).

We’ve paired them with the Scandi-style Bianca Cylinder Pot. These pots are warm white with a smooth speckled stone-like texture, and are made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass. Pot dimensions: 34cm diameter and 33cm tall.  Internal diameter (hole) at top is 28cm.

Dimensions including plants: 45cm wide by 1 metre tall approximately.

*** Note: Current plant stock is shorter than photographed but should get to the photographed height in 12 to 18 months in ideal conditions. The current Rubber Tree variety is ‘Black Knight’ which has darker leaves than photographed ***

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