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Maidenhair Fern

This variety of Maidenhair Fern is also known as Adiantum 'Ocean Spray', a little hardier than its well known cousin Adiantum 'Raddianum'.

Well loved for its delicate lacy appearance, this fern has large wide pinnacles on triangular fronds in a weeping growth habit.

It loves humidity and moisture, dislikes drafts and direct sunlight.  Water regularly (like every 2-3 days).

Supplied in a 14cm nursery pot with drainage.

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White Dipped Concrete Pot, Large

This white paint dipped concrete pot by General Eclectic is finished by hand so each is unique. The inside of this pot is painted white also. Planter dimensions: 20.5cm x 19cm tall.

This pot is currently only available for delivery with an indoor plant.

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