Trough Planter Combo


Transform your urban oasis with our Trough planter Combo

Strong, lightweight fibreclay construction ideal for courtyards and balconies. Discover the versatility of these designer pots and elevate your gardening game!

Everything in the photo is what you get with our plant and pot combo.

We’ve planted:

  • 2 Peace lilies
  • 2 mini Weeping Figs
  • Added coco fibre decoration

Embrace the magic and turn your garden into a realm of wonder

Trough size : (L 100cm x H 30cm x W 20cm)

Other colours available please enquire at


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Introducing the Trough planter Combo

The key to unlocking a lush, green oasis in the heart of your urban environment

Crafted with care using a unique blend of fibre cement, iron, and water-based paint, these pots are designed for both functionality and beauty.

Dreaming of a movable hedge or a captivating way to soften those mundane courtyard walls or fences? Look no further than the Bianca square pot! With endless possibilities, this versatile beauty lets you play and create like never before.

Here’s the real magic: We’ve planted 2 beautiful peace lilies and 2 mini Weeping Figs for you. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to worry about which plants will complement each other.

Let your imagination run wild and infuse your gardening adventures with joy and excitement.

The ultimate companions in the quest for the most delightful and enchanting outdoor experience. Embrace the magic and turn your garden into a realm of wonder with our medium-sized Trough Planter Combo (L 100cm x H 30cm x W 20cm) – modern and stylish gardening at its finest!

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