Urban Jungle Bundle B

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Turn your space into an urban jungle with this lush bundle offer.

Sweetheart Plant in Pure White Pot

The Sweetheart Plant is a gorgeous trailing indoor plant and super easy to care for.  Position her on a shelf or cabinet top where she will cascade as she grows.

She's also known as Heart Leaf Ivy, Heart Leaf Philodendron or Heart Shaped Philodendron. This variety is Philodendron Scandens or Cordatum.

Current plant stock has one long trailing stem 30cm to 40cm in length with many heart shaped leaves, plus one to two younger/shorter stems.

We've paired this indoor plant with a chic white ceramic pot with a curved bottom, 100% waterproof. Made in Germany.  Pot dimensions: 19cm diameter x 16.5cm tall.

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Boston Fern in White Dipped Concrete Pot

This classic Nephrolepis fern and a modern concrete pot are best fronds.

The cascading fronds of the Boston Fern look great on a plant stand or stool. This fern loves humidity, moisture and bright indirect light.

We've paired this indoor plant with the large White Dipped Concrete Pot by General Eclectic. This planter is finished by hand so each is unique. The inside of this pot is painted white also. Planter dimensions: 20.5cm x 19cm tall.

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