Variegated Monstera XXL

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Variegated Monstera XXL  aka Monstera Thai Constellation is visually the most beautiful plant you can lay your eyes on. Its white and yellow colours are enough to bring you peace and tranquility into your life. This old girl is over three years old.


A variegated Monstera should be in everyone’s home, purifying the place and just looking so darn amazing!!

Perfect plant newbies, as they are easy to care full.

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  • Comes in a 30cm plastic pot
  • Sizes, and shapes may vary from picture
  • Pot not included in the price

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Bianca Cylinder Matt White, 44cm


🌱 Introducing the Bianca Cylinder Pot: Where Grandeur Meets Grace 🌱

Imagine something that does not merely hold a plant but supports the whole essence within. Enter the Bianca Cylinder Pot, a one-word synonym that completely defines what true sophistication in design and elaborate craftsmanship stands for. Eminent with a statuesque presence, it is set for the perfect centerpiece at any indoor scene.

Expertly made: The Bianca Cylinder Pot has been designed and constructed with an expert hand using a harmonious blend of mineral particles with lightweight fiberglass, so it gives a lush design durable for a classy look.

Aesthetically—there is no comparing: it comes finished in immaculate white and oozes, in fact, an aura of peace. Subtle matte finish speaks of underlying luxury and can easily be placed from the flamboyance of blossoming flowers to the quiet dignity of green foliage.

Versatile elegance: Chępọn with any plant, the Bianca Cylinder Pot is a magnetic charm that almost makes it impossible not to resist planting with any plant. This pot will draw the eye, whether showing off a tall monstera or a bushy fern.

Dimensions to Adore:

42cm tall x 44cm diameter at the widest point

Inside diameter: (hole at top) is 36cm, providing ample space for your plants to flourish.

🌿 Plant Stage Not Included: Wow, this pot really tells a story all on its own, but remember, the plant is sold separately from the stage. Elevate your botanical journey with the Bianca Cylinder Pot – where every plant is not just housed, but celebrated.

Additional information

Monstera grades

Extra Large Grade


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