Varigated Monstera XXL


Varigated Monstera XXL is visually the most beautiful plant you can lay your eyes on. Its white and yellow colours are enough to bring you peace and tranquility into your life. This old girl is over three years old.


A variated Monstera should be in everyone’s home, purifying the place and just looking so darn amazing!!

Perfect plant newbies, as they are easy to care full.

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**Pot not included in the price**

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Bianca Cylinder Pot, 44cm

Perfect for a large indoor feature plant.

This Bianca Cylinder Pot is made of mineral particles and lightweight fibreglass. It is warm white and has a stone-like matt finish.

Pot dimensions: 41.5cm tall x 44cm diameter at the widest point. Internal diameter (hole) at top is 36cm.

Sealed for use as a cover pot for an indoor plant.  Make a note in the delivery instructions if you intend you use this pot outdoors.

*** Refer to the pot with the tree in the main photo. Plant not included in price ***

Also available in black and grey.

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Monstera grades

Extra Large Grade


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