Versatile Full Spectrum Grow Light – Perfect for All Indoor Plants


Transform any room into a plant paradise with our versatile grow light

Have you ever dreamed of nurturing your favorite plants in any room of your house, but were hindered by insufficient light? Our Full Spectrum Grow Light is here to revolutionize your indoor gardening experience. Whether it’s a towering tree or a delicate succulent, our light caters to all, reaching plants up to 2 meters tall.

Designed to support plants up to 2 meters tall, this light ensures your green friends get the spotlight and flourish in any setting.

**Price is for the grow light only, plant and pot not included in the price**

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Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height & Extended Line Length: Features a telescopic support rod for height adjustment (16-59 inches / 40-150cm) and a 157-inch (4m) wire for versatile placement.
  • Full Spectrum Illumination: The 5.31-inch (13.5 cm) diameter halo-shaped lamp provides full-spectrum light, mimicking natural sunlight to promote photosynthesis and healthy growth.
  • Easy Installation: Tool-free –  insert directly into the pot/soil
  • Automatic Timing Switch: Includes a built-in timer with 8, 12, and 16-hour settings, plus a manual switch option, for hassle-free light scheduling.


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