Large ZZ Plant


These large bushy ZZ plants are perfect for the floor or a low bench.

The ZZ Plant is loved for its glossy leaves and strong arching fronds. Also known as Zamioculcas Zamifolia or Zanzibar Gem, this house plant tolerates some neglect and low light, and helps clean the air of benzene, formaldhyde and trichlorethylene.

Ideal position has bright indirect light, but not direct sunlight. Water every couple of weeks, ensuring the top of the soil dries out between watering.  (Drier soil is warmer and reduces the risk of root rot).

Our current Plants are around 1m in height including the pot. Supplied in a 23cm diameter black plastic nursery pot.

Price is per plant.  *** Black cover pot not included in price but contact us if you would like add this on ***



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